10:08 PM

Destiny? no, it's Kismet.

Formerly named "Karma", but happily accepting "Kismet"-- & everything else about her new life. She's spent most of the day sleeping on my sick husband, who picked up a snotty cold from a 2 year old house guest we had last week. Husbands are pitiful sick people. Impossible to soothe & resistant to anything you offer them that might help. J. has been downing mugs of Sleepytime tea & alternating between sleeping on the couch or playing PC games on his laptop in bed. Kismet is ever present.

Sick husband aside, the pet grand total is now 6. & that's it, cos I signed a contract with my ever patient husband stating I wouldn't bring home another unless one of ours was no longer of this planet. It wasn't actually so easy, but I'll spare you the details & just say she's my early birthday present.

Don't worry, everyone else is still here. Parrot, canary, spotted dog, grouchy little dog & hidey Siamese cat. Who is the most work? The parrot, grouchy little dog & cat. Those who have the tendency to scatter food or litter, or have a potty pad they miss sometimes & needs changing regularly. Ah, but I love them dearly.

I finally started a class at the local community college here & am relishing the homework & new collection of stationary supplies it entails. Backpack, binder, dividers, highlighters, oh! I do love it all. Especially the having somewhere to be. I feel important crossing campus, taking my seat & listening up. It's off to bed now, to be prepped for tomorrow of feeding animals, battening down the hatches for my away time, then dropping husband at work-- if he's going tomorrow.