2:12 PM

Pet crazy. Why yes, I am!

They are my days & a pretty good part of my nights. They're all the children I'm ever going to have, & they comfort me so well if I'm crying about this. They make my husband & I laugh endlessly & sometimes frustrate the beans out of me.

It's more cleaning than most people would willingly do to have them in my home, but what's a little dog hair & bird seed in exchange for unconditional love?
My husband does grouse about not going anywhere because we have to find sitters for 6 animals!
Really, it's only for one special case: Sake.

He has a 3 medication-twice-a-day heart problem. He pees (& poos!)on a pad inside that he often misses. oh-- & he bites. Since he's my dog, I know what triggers him & the signs to watch for. But he's a headcase for sure & a damn cute one at that.
What do you do with this kind of dog if you want to go on vacay?

The cat is easy as cat pie. I can board her & the birds at the same reputable clinic they are seen at, a place I really like with a staff I equally like & trust. She's a special girl; the last link to my former life, before MS, before marriage, when Gambit was still with us.

Kismet, our new girl, our last for a while! Is pocket sized & I plan to take her with me as many places as I can manage.

Hopefully we can afford to go home to California in July since there's now a flight from Eugene to Oakland for super cheap. That's if we can find a dog sitter for Sake....


Mary Camu said...

Yay! Your blog rules!

Mary Camu said...

More blogs please!

♡~:nanners:~♡ said...

oh garsh, what a cute family! and kismet?! lovely cutie pieness!