9:26 PM

i was married.

ok, the title is ala a Tegan & Sara song, but it rings so true.
i was married on October 27th 2007. i think the pictures will speak for me best.

i came down a small hill terraced with stone steps. my father helped me down, telling me i looked like Our Lady of Fatima. my dad's not an overly emotional guy, but the tinge of love in his voice did not escape me. he gave me away to Jeremy at the foot of a wooden bridge, crossing over a koi pond. we were married with family, friends, turtles & koi looking on.

i kissed my new husband 3 times, in front of everyone. lipstick everywhere & he was smiling at me obliviously. i could only laugh at swipe at it. there was still glitter all over him.

the reception was fun, just like any old dinner with friends. J's brother & best man gave a speech that choked him up. Lisa, my maid of honor & best friend followed suit.
i couldn't wait for the cake!

vanilla cake, raspberry layers, butter cream frosting & fondant flowers--
just for us! (& gluten too! caution hit the wind that day.)

i get to be one of those who remembers her wedding fondly, not a snag to our day.
no dancing, no silly wedding games, just us & friends, talking & enjoying the moment.
it went by extremely fast, but everyone agreed it was really beautiful.

12:46 PM

new famblie.

i know, the last thing this girl needs is another pet. but i can't help myself--
i love them so much!

on Saturday we will be joined by a male Waterslager canary. [the name means 'water beat' for their song] i am impatiently waiting for Petsmart.com to deliver his cage! otherwise, we're stocked to the hilt for birdie. v. exciting!
J. asks, 'will you be cleaning his cage?'
*scoff!* was my reply. i like doing animal husbandry, esp. for little things in cages. i likened the replacing of food, toys, etc. to having a doll house as a kid. it's so fun to rearrange & care for. so he is happy & excited for birdie as well, which of course makes me glow.

& did i mention? i'm getting married next weekend. already! it came so fast!
my biggest anxiety is that things won't be ready in time, or fall on schedule.
oh gosh, & the weather! rain has crept in! normal things to fret for, i know.

i picked up J's ring & gave it to him on Wednesday. it's completely perfect for him, as it was designed & handmade to be just so! he puts it on & marvels at it, disbelieving what it will mean & that it is his. i do love that boy, so much.

on the medical angle, dare i say it? the Tysabri hasn't killed me, but rather seems to be working. i had an ataxic gait & weakness on the left side....4 days post infusion? gone. if only the next infusion takes away the numbness & tingling in my hands...i'll be sold!

time to get moving. still in my pj's here.