3:12 PM

pack it up.

i'm not apartment shopping with Joshe until tomorrow, but i bought boxes today to get the dismantling of my place underway. i realize what a collage my apartments are when i go to take them apart, it's almost a little painful.
i took the dogs to the UC campus to burn some energy & now here we all are, feeling snoozy & staring at one another. there's plenty to do, packing aside, but it seems like all i want to do is lay down. i'll regret it later, so i'm holding off.

school starts next week, so Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays will have a little productive outcomes than most other days. it makes leaving Berkeley a little harder, cos here i am doing what i really intended to be here for & i'm opting out!
remember, it's for my health & it's not permanent. hrmmph. i wonder what will ever be permanent these days.