12:02 AM

oh i remember you.

i logged onto a friend's blog to comment about the e-dust it's built up. realizing i was the pot calling the kettle black, i thought i'd write in my own dusty blog first!

here we are in April, a week away from my 28th birthday. 28! i think i'm onto a fair start for my 28th year. still ridiculously-happily married, doing some major 'volunteer' work at Lisa's internal medicine office & just feeling good about life in general. we have a pink feathered addition to our family, my sweet Oiseau:

this is my first avian venture into a hookbill & the hand-taming thereof. initially, it was frustrating & it hurt my little feelings that she was so adverse to being out of her cage. but it all came on at once. she suddenly learned to step up on my finger, chirps & tweets to be let out of her cage & spends time on our office floor, nibbling paper hearts i cut out for her.

my apologies for not paying much mind to the oddly large pictures i post, that skew the whole aesthetic around here. i doubt anyone reads this blog other than my dad & myself, or maybe the occasional passerby who searched 'pets' &/or 'MS'.

about MS.....i haven't had a full on, kicked-my-ass attack since last summer, but i'm definitely still grappling with fatigue & the requisite odd sensations. i'm still receiving Tysabri infusions once a month with apparently positive results. i still think about it everyday. i pause & question each odd pain, wave of nausea or spell of dizziness, but then push through. of course, one can't really live life if they're always bracing for the worst, right?

oh! & in most exciting news in my tiny world? the beginning of my half sleeve:

canaries, pansies, bumbley bees, oh my! i can't wait 'til it's complete.

that's all for now friends.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oiseau is gorgeous & so is that tattoo!

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Anonymous said...

I like your writing

You should blog more!

I think your blog DOES have abandonment issues