9:24 PM

another weekend rolls over me.

instead of being excited for the weekends as a break from the work week like regular peebles, i perk up at the chance to have Jeremy around for 2 full days. he gets to sleep in with me, i have him to talk to & run errands with, & he's just plain ol' excellent company. when he's home, i'm much less prone to sleeping in til 3pm, or rolling over to stare at the wall & let waves of bitterness wash over me. (i only do that when i'm for sure alone, & it doesn't last more then 10 minutes at most. honest!)

on Saturday we went Hakone Gardens as planned & happily scoped out the wedding site. he loves the place & we were even more giddy with delight at the prospect of being married there. he even enjoyed watching the turtles in the koi pond, pointing out the baby turtles before i did.

snags thus far? a few.
my mom has volunteered to be the contact point on most things, ie: catering, flowers (of course) etc. but being my mom, things fall to the way side & she has been fibbing about what actually has been done. (growl) please-- if you can't do something like you thought you could, cop to it early. i learned this from my days of taking on too much at Chiron. (growl again)

taking a deep breath & moving on, i found a restaurant just down the road that Hakone is on to take all 15 of our wedding party (which is just half the people who will be in attendance for the wedding!) for the rehearsal dinner. it's general American-type fare with a 'wild & organic twist.' they've got seared tuna on the menu which i love, so i'm sold. Jeremy is his usual 'reed in the wind' self, which is ever so helpful. although he was looking forward to seeing his dad's wife pitch a fit about being brought to a sushi bar (our first choice.)

my mom keeps goading me about 'the larger ceremony later', & at this point, i might leave it at our little mini ceremony & hand out trading cards of the wedding. this planning shit isn't so fun, because all the reminders that 'this is OUR wedding' are overruled by straight-laced grandmothers, religious zealot in-laws, family members who won't eat anything outside of Italian food or meat & potatoes, having to keep divorced parents separated, etc.

le sigh!!

i'm doing my best to remember that my parents want me to be happy with the wedding, & no matter what the end result is going to be exactly what i wanted--
i'll be married to the most amazing guy in the world. :)