11:48 AM

it's dusty in here.

i know it.
i abandoned this blog for nearly a year!
so much has changed i can hardly type it all.
i'll just bring it up to present, & we'll go from there.

i now live in Oakland & i am engaged to an amazing boy that i have known all along.
i guess it took time & circumstance for my eyes to see him this way-- as the one person i want to spend my life with.

you're thinking wait wait wait! it's been barely a year & now you're moved in & engaged?! yes. in fact it's been 4 months since we got together, moved in together & decided to get married. the wedding is in October-- this October. aka: next month! i rarely know what i want so clearly. all we have done has felt so right.
i'm not afraid, in fact, i feel more sure of what i'm doing because he's by my side, come what may.

in other news, my MS is being a real bitch. i've gone through the battery of beta-interferon meds to no avail. more relapses & elevated liver enzymes leave me little choices left for therapies. all that's left is the scariest drugs, that are IV infused once a month. i'm typing this now with clumsy, numb fingers that are painfully tight feeling, a constant reminder that this is real. i only hope the Tysabri is my miracle drug.....i have no choices left.