1:06 PM

fish fingers.

i've got another week until my consultation appointment for my Tysabri infusions.since being off steroids & the beta inferon injections for a little 'wash out period',i've been experiencing a plethora of odd symptoms, mainly manifesting in my arms & hands. all of which range from completely annoying to fricking painful.

the current feeling is liken to having your hands in cool water for a long time. a little achey, feeling bloodless, & hard to move. Jeremy listens to my descriptions & watches flex & waggle my fingers as if i could see the problem. he holds my hands as if he could do the same, feel the problem, to no avail of course.

we're heading to the south bay in a bit to pick up my veil & hang out with J's brother Nate & Cousin Jan. (he gets the whole title) hopefully we have time to swing by Hakone Gardens, since Jeremy hasn't even seen where we're getting married yet. thankfully the truck is still clean enough to have someone else besides the dogs & i in it. (we care very little about it's aesthetics, Pixel, Sake & i.)

ugh, typing this is laborious, & typos from twitching fingers make me growl inwardly. i suppose a shower & a go with the flat iron might make me feel human....
it's the little things.