11:11 PM


i'm slowly working through my list of thank you cards to write to our wedding guests & the people who helped make it possible. what's taking so long? my love of crafting.

my hand writing is still suffering from my previous MS attacks & shows every jitter of my hands. i have been typing the notes in handwriting-ish font, printing, trimming & adhering them in a variety of cards. not to mention addressing the envelopes the same way. i've gotten another 4 done tonight...16 more to go! ackk! if only had more creative ability during daylight hours...

i also have a few ideas brewing for Xmas gifts, since it's going to be especially snug around here, financially. ohmigosh, i wish i could write about my ideas, but you never know who reads these things, & i'd bawl if they found their presents out early! i'll have to keep it on the DL for now...

the same goes for the ideas i have about the house...not the sneaky part, the wishing for the juices to flow during daylight hours. i generally snooze those away after i've gotten up & showered. my energy is just sapped between noon & 2:30pm. paint colors, decorating, organizing ideas, *gasp!*
i gotta write this stuff down....so i'm going to. my notebook doth beckon.