10:50 AM

robin's egg blue.

it's not a secret that i have an affinity for bird nests in general.
i'm warped back to my childhood where i brought home such outdoor goodies as acorns & of course, bird nests, to my mom. she displayed them along the fence on the patio.

so last night, with my husband softly snoring against my shoulder, my mind was wandering about paint colors. how bird nests came into play? i want to make a collage/shadow box with one, eggs included. that's when the robin's eggs came in.
robin's egg blue! specifically the American Robin's egg.

i don't know if robins in England or wherever have different blue-hued eggs, but the color i'm favoring via Googling pics are all labeled 'American robin', specifically. J. had been reluctant in my interest in the blue & brown color scheme, since brown reminds him of "the 70's". not wanting him to blanch every time he enters our bedroom, i'll pick the more pleasing of the 2 shades & go from there!

secondly, our wedding gifts from Parsnip & The Husband arrived last week, & we couldn't be more excited. for J, there was the toaster/egg cooker combo he picked out. he gets up early to make english muffin/egg/Jimmy Dean! sandwiches. (there's english muffin gravel on his computer stool as i type) he's utterly pleased.

for me, there was: The Sewing Machine.
my first Singer, & it is so adorable. my mind reeled with the thoughts of quilts to finish & obscure dollies to create. responsibly, i decided i must finish my thank you card project first. my paper cutter & stationary gadget boxes are cluttering the dining room table, & dragging out the fabric heaps would just create more chaos.

currently stationed on the other end of the dining table, it sits pristinely, aching to be used. ok, the aching is all my own, but i am excited. oh, & i'm reading the directions. i want to know that machine inside & out! an excursion to Barnes & Noble with the dogs is in order, to camp in the aisle & peruse sewing books.
& we're off!