7:38 PM

i ate too moishe.

usually, i sing this song for my husband. tonight? it's all mine. oof.
noooo more turkey, until next year. maybe not even then. i'll have Thai green curry with tofu, or something equally as lovely & flavorful. just NOT turkey.

we attacked the kitchen with gusto today. having run the dishwasher twice on Thursday, we "left things to soak" yesterday. i finally couldn't handle the amount of turkey grease on everything, so i loaded the dishwasher one la
st time; now it's clean & waiting for J. to unload it. [we're a team; he cooks = i clean. i load the thing = he unloads it.] i furiously de-greased & Soft Scrubbed the counters. i was just preparing to mop the floor when he comes in with the mail bearing an Amazon.com box. what is it?!

it's a gift for me, he says.[although he said we weren't doing Xmas gifts, the property taxes were just too rough.] did i want it now of for Xmas?

NOW, of course.
[le duh]
& it's a pink DS lite! hooray! i'm happy as a clam. the screen colors are so bright, the graphics so clear! not to mention the weight-- it's so...Lite!

& thank you, Nintendo, for upgrading the stylis to a heftier size that adult hands can wield without evoking a major cramp. when my hands are utterly on the MS-fritz, a was forced to use a stylis that was intended for rub-ons, since the tiny one that came with the original DS fell through my numb fingers. wow, did that ever make me grouchy.
J. goes about making a new town on his copy of Animal Crossing WW, so that he can visit my town, using the pre-exsisting DS. ha. now we're nerd central & lovin' it.

we leave on Thursday for our mini-honeymoon to a B&B in Mendacino, & i'm pretty excited. i wish we had a more decent camera to document with. i'm thinking of asking about mom's old film cam, which used to awesome at one point in time. i think i can still make it go. film is so romantic, anyhow. ;)

hopefully it's not too raining & freezing up there. if it is-- it's our honeymoon. there's plenty of indoor activities to do!